24 hours Emergency Department - Ruby General Hospital

Ruby General Hospital has a 24 hours Emergency department and is committed to delivering immediate assessment and treatment to the patients who are brought in as emergencies. Equipped with around 75 dedicated beds for providing emergency and critical care management of patients, the Emergency and Trauma Care Centre is the biggest in the city led by an experienced team of nurses, technicians, paramedics, and consultants. The team works together for providing the highest standard of quality care to all the patients, thus, the maximum number of trauma cases are treated here with a high success rate making it the busiest department in the city. The Emergency Department is closely in contact with the public as it has the most informal access and is organized and administered to provide a high standard of emergency care to people in a community who are in need of acute or urgent care including hospital admission. The Emergency Department has a separate entrance with convenient access for vehicles including ambulances and private cars. The department deals with a wide range of emergencies from ailments like fever, headache, and the common cold to an acute medical crisis, polytrauma, severe pain, allergic reactions, foreign bodies, heart attack, and life-threatening situations.


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