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  A 28 days old male baby had been admitted in the NICU of Ruby General Hospital under the expert care of Dr. Anirban Basu (Consultant Paediatrician) with complaints of severe respiratory distress and recurrent apnea along with severe respiratory and metabolic acidosis. The baby later developed features of myocarditis (Inflammation of the heart muscle i.e. myocardium). After thorough evaluation and relevant investigations the chest X-ray revealed right upper and middle zone consolidation. The baby was immediately intubated and put on ventilation with Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) and he remained on invasive ventilation for four days followed by nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for next four days. The blood reports revealed procalcitonin of 22.7, D-Dimer of 12500 and NT-proBNP more than 35000. During the course of treatment, the baby developed a heart rate of more than 220 and blood pressure started falling by day three needing Dopamine, Noradre


  A 2 year 11 months old female child had been presented at Ruby General Hospital with history of a gradually progressive soft swelling over the lower part of her back since birth and measuring approximately 4 cms X 5 cms. She was admitted under the expert care of Dr. Tamajit Chakraborty (Consultant Neurosurgeon). The child had undergone investigations which revealed Intradural Lipoma at L1, L2 levels with tethering of cord. A spinal cord tumour or an intradural tumour is a fatty lump that develops within the spinal canal or within the bones of the spine and begins within the spinal cord or the covering of the spinal cord (dura). The child developed difficulty in passing urine and a repeat MRI had been done with protocol for Spina Bifida (A birth defect in which an area of the spinal column does not form properly, leaving a section of the spinal cord and nerves exposed). After a detailed discussion with the parents and with written informed consent the treating child was posted for su


  A 31 year old lady had been admitted in Ruby General Hospital under the care of Dr. Aparupa Ghosh ( Consultant Gynaecologist ) and (Prof.) Dr. Sudhir Adhikary (Consultant Gynaecologist) for safe confinement. The lady had a history of hypothyroidism, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, fibroid uterus and placenta previa (A problem where the placenta completely or partially covers the opening of the uterus) along with a miscarriage. After discussion with the family members and with written informed consent the lady had been posted for surgery. While, safely delivering the baby, huge myomas (Non cancerous tumours that develop in or around the uterus) had been found, namely three, and each measuring 16 mm X 16 mm, 10 mm X 15 mm and 3 mm X 5 mm respectively. Uterine myomectomy (Surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids) had been done for removing the myomas. The post operation period had been uneventful. The proud parents were very grateful to Ruby General Hospital for overcoming all adve


  A 56 year old lady has been presented at Ruby General Hospital with complaints of low back pain radiating down right leg and has been put under the expert care of Dr. Tamajit Chakraborty (Consultant Neurosurgeon). After thorough evaluation and relevant investigations the MRI revealed homogenously enhancing lesion in right side of spinal canal at T7 – T8 level and neural foraminal lesions in the right T7 - T8 which causes moderate compression of the cord at this level. There was also neoplastic lesion (An abnormal mass of tissue that forms when cells grow and divide rapidly) like neurogenic tumour. The lady had been diagnosed with a rare intradural extramedullary tumour (A spinal cord tumour that causes spinal cord compression) on dorsal vertebrae 7 (D7). After discussion with the treating consultant and the family the lady had been posted for surgery. D6 – D8 and D7 complete laminectomy and excision of space occupying lesion (SOL) had been performed. The patient was neurologically i