A 69 year old senior citizen had been presented at Ruby General Hospital with complaints of haematuria (Presence of blood in urine) and was put under the expert care of Dr. Sujoy Basak (Consultant Urologist). After thorough evaluation and relevant investigations it was found that the gentleman had a tumour of about 4 cm at the hilum (Recessed central fissure where blood vessels, nerves and ureter enter and exit from kidney), clot in the urinary bladder, small cystic lesion in the right lobe of liver, bilateral simple renal cortical cyst (Sacs of fluid that form in the kidneys). The tumour had been very close to the blood vessels and after written informed consent the gentleman had been posted for surgery. Cystoscopy had been done followed by Left Radical Nephrectomy (Removal of kidney) which was done laparoscopically (Keyhole or minimally invasive surgery). The postoperative period had been uneventful and the gentleman had started walking on the first postoperative day. The family thanked the entire Nephrology department as they walked him home on the second postoperative day.


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