A 31 year old lady had been admitted in Ruby General Hospital under the care of Dr. Aparupa Ghosh (Consultant Gynaecologist) and (Prof.) Dr. Sudhir Adhikary (Consultant Gynaecologist) for safe confinement. The lady had a history of hypothyroidism, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, fibroid uterus and placenta previa (A problem where the placenta completely or partially covers the opening of the uterus) along with a miscarriage. After discussion with the family members and with written informed consent the lady had been posted for surgery. While, safely delivering the baby, huge myomas (Non cancerous tumours that develop in or around the uterus) had been found, namely three, and each measuring 16 mm X 16 mm, 10 mm X 15 mm and 3 mm X 5 mm respectively. Uterine myomectomy (Surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids) had been done for removing the myomas. The post operation period had been uneventful. The proud parents were very grateful to Ruby General Hospital for overcoming all adversities as they carried their bundle of joy home.


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