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National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year to recognize the contributions and noble work of physicians to individual lives and society and is usually celebrated by healthcare organizations. The theme for 2023 is “Celebrating Resilience and Healing Hands” recognizing the constant commitment and resilience of doctors during difficult times, especially, during the COVID – 19 pandemic. It is celebrated on 1st July every year all across India in honour of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a politician, freedom fighter, an advocate for education, a physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, noted for his selfless contribution to mankind and inspiring millions. The red carnation flower is a symbol for Doctor’s Day.


History  :

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (1st July, 1882 – 1st July, 1962) was a well known doctor, educator, freedom fighter, social worker and politician. He had been the Chief Minister of West Bengal for 14 years (1948 – 1962) and had received the highest Indian civilian award ‘The Bharat Ratna’ on 4th February, 1961. He had played a significant role in forming the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Medical Council of India (MCI) He was also the personal physician of Mahatma Gandhi.


Significance of National Doctor’s Day  :

Doctors are the soldiers of the country who devote their lives for the well being of the patients and assisting in faster recovery and improving their quality of life. Celebrating this day helps the general population to know the importance, significant roles and responsibilities delivered towards the care of the patients. This day is commemorated to show our gratitude towards all the doctors who have selflessly aided us in our times of need and worked tirelessly for the health of the patients. They are also our protectors or guardian angels who work 24 X 7 to ensure our good health and safety.

Doctors have a vital role in society as they have a great understanding of medical science and utilize it to treat patients in turn extending their lives. They assist the general public overcome medical emergencies and pandemic situations. It should be noted that the heroic efforts of medical staff (doctors and nurses) have helped us overcome the COVID pandemic.

Conclusion  :

Every Indian citizen must feel proud, pay tribute and appreciate the efforts of each doctor for their relentless efforts and contributions during medical emergencies as well as for their continued medical services to the general population and improving the health of the country.


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